Surrogacy is a new word in Pakistan. Many of you not related to medical fields still don’t know that this process exists or what happens in surrogacy process.

Yet, thanks to scientific breakthroughs, various infertility treatments are now accessible, enabling couples to enjoy parenthood. The wide types of treatments are IVF and egg donation for infertility. The another best thing is, the surrogacy in Karachi is obtainable.

Surrogacy in Karachi with Australian Concept Infertility Center

Expanding Generations is a full-service firm that assists you in starting a family through egg donation, egg retrieval, and proxy. Australian concept infertility medical center supports you along the road as you work to realize your family-building aspirations.

More importantly, we are an agency made up of parents, carriers, and egg givers who are passionate people who build their families and are invested in each and every journey as if it were their own. Our professionals include social workers, lawyers, intake accountants, program managers, and coordinators.

In fact, more than 44% of our personnel have expanded their families through adoption, or IVF has served as parents, egg donors, or experienced surrogates through the program. As a result, we are able to put ourselves in your position and extract the most cost-effective programs and procedures. Every adventure we take emotionally engages us.

It’s common for couples is using other options at some point during the process of discussing their In-vitro fertilization choices. What must I do for this option to be available to me? Do I even need to think about it? Can I or those around me accept it as a possibility? You should consider whether a gestational carrier is a correct choice for you by looking at topics such as legal issues, financial issues, health issues, ethical issues, emotional issues, and societal issues.

Guidelines of the Possible Health Complications

It’s crucial to grieve after an unsuccessful IVF. Even if the IVF didn’t produce an embryo, the emotional toll has been just as severe as losing a pregnancy. You’ll go through a severe depressive episode. Although it’s quite natural, you should still consult your doctor. Before pursuing your treatment, you and your partner should look for assistance.

What Comes Up?

Think about these possibilities as you determine your next course of action.

Talk with our team of Australian concepts and decide whether any modifications to the IVF cycle are necessary before attempting another IVF cycle. Successful IVF frequently necessitates multiple attempts. PGT may be suggested, depending on the cause of the earlier unsuccessful IVF.

Third-party donor: Donor eggs may be the solution for women whose eggs are insufficient or nonviable. Donors are thoroughly vetted and under the age of 30, so their eggs are in good condition. For whatever reason, some women are unable to carry a fertilized egg to term. Even after a successful IVF treatment, this could lead to recurring miscarriages or the embryo failing to implant.

Surrogacy process: The embryo and the proxy(third party) are not genetically linked. You and your lover alone are all that. She merely serves as an embryo carrier. Intended parents seek the help of someone they are close to and familiar with. Some people choose among the carriers that are advertised or illegitimate. Once your carrier’s baby has been chosen, she will be thoroughly examined physically and psychologically and personal information.

Risks Associated with Carrier-Based Conception

This process includes any health concerns for the surrogate, including those related to pregnancy and childbirth, just like with any other pregnancy. These dangers must be carefully considered, and it is crucial to make sure the surrogate has access to medical care as needed throughout the entire procedure.

A gestational surrogate must undergo the embryo transfer procedure in order to get pregnant. This assisted reproduction can have adverse effects, including nausea, exhaustion, cramps, and possible pharmaceutical side effects, just like any other medical procedure. The surrogate may feel signs of nausea, pain, and swelling during the pregnancy.

Other, more serious dangers include miscarriage, harm to the reproductive system, hypertension, and gestational diabetes. These are the same health dangers that each pregnancy carries. By listening to your doctor’s advice and staying in constant contact with the fertility center, you can reduce the dangers associated with a suitable carrier pregnancy.

Explore Your Options

  • Conventional surrogacy entails the biological mother of the child being carried by the surrogate, who also gives her own egg in the process. The donor sperm or the sperm of the intended father is used to fertilize her egg. Intrauterine insemination is used to carry out the procedure (IUI).
  • In gestational surrogacy: the embryo is generated using an egg from the intended mother or donor and the sperm from the father or the donor; the surrogate mother is not biologically linked to the child she is carrying. The embryo is then transferred to the surrogate mother once the egg has been fertilized in a lab.
  • Traditional Surrogacy: this method is the least popular. This kind involves the artificial insemination of the sperm donor into the surrogate mother’s uterus. The baby is carried by the surrogate, delivered, and given to the parents. In this case, the baby’s biological mother is also the carrier.

 Surrogacy In Islam

Is surrogacy allowed in Pakistan? The Council of Islamic teachings does not support Islamic teaching and says it is wrong in ethical and religious. According to the federal Sharia court, Islam does not allow Muslims to create multiple embryos and do gender selection by themselves. It is not allowed in Muslim countries that the embryo to be created by illegitimate women. If the couples are not husband and wife.
On the contrary, Some Muslim scholars have given a fatwa, In conclusion, the gestational carrier can be an option if other options are not viable because in this intended parent give their gametes to a proxy, and the carrier mother is not biologically linked with the child. Surrogacy in Karachi is finally introducing solutions to couples facing infertility.

Which couples are recommended for the Donor-cycle?

Couples may decide to pursue IUI treatment in a variety of circumstances. The following scenarios are explained in the article: Male factor infertility with a modest manifestation occurs when the sperm count or quality is poor and they are unable to mate with the eggs. In these circumstances, the doctors choose high-quality sperm and place them into the uterus. Undiagnosed infertility: This occurs when tests reveal the cause of infertility but the doctors are still baffled. Mild endometriosis is a condition in which tissue develops outside the uterus, preventing the sperm and eggs from fusing. The doctor may recommend IUI therapy in certain circumstances. Single mother: When a woman decides to become a single mother, she undergoes IUI treatment.

Why Selecting Australian Concept?

The procedure can be drawn-out and challenging. To safeguard you and your mothers’ proxy during this procedure and give you more peace of mind, choosing a reputable agency is critical. Because the cost of a test tube and other fertility treatments is high. The correct agency will allow you to concentrate more on the crucial issues, such as getting ready for your journey and the happiness it will soon offer to your family and others.

We can assist you to overcome any challenges at Australian Concept Medical Center so that you can realize your dream of starting a family. Contact and follow us to find out more.



Surrogacy in Karachi is finally introducing solutions to couples facing infertility. Science advancements have made it possible for individuals and couples alike to come out of the most difficult situations, allowing them to experience the feeling of parenthood. It has opened many avenues that were nothing more than an aspiration before. IVF, egg donation and surrogacy are now accessible and open to all, due to the high fertility clinics in Karachi offering these solutions at affordable rates. What’s more, they are specialized experts assisting clients throughout their journey with warm hearted nurture take care of each factor associated . So why wait any longer?


1- When Is IVF Not An Option?

An unsuccessful In vitro might be distressing if you and your partner are trying to have a baby. You can feel hopeless, disoriented, and extremely depressed. Yet, you aren’t quite ready to abandon your desire for children. What are your partner’s future plans?

There may be a variety of causes for IVF failure. It may be issued with the Fallopian tube or a problem in natural conception. Unexplained infertility or complicated fibrous inside the uterus may also be a problem. When referring to a procedure that doesn’t produce a viable pregnancy, the term “IVF Failure” can be a little ambiguous. There are various options, from doing another cycle of IVF to getting outside fertility help to adoption, depending on the cause of your unsuccessful IVF.

2- Are IVF and surrogacy the same? 

Both processes are not equivalent, however, to in-vitro fertilization, a woman’s eggs are retrieved from the ovary and fertilized outside of her body for reproduction with her partner’s sperm in a laboratory and then implantation is done in the female’s body. This process is known as the best fertility process because it affects the success rate.
While in the case of carrier pregnancy, the intended couples choose their surrogate, donate their eggs and sperm to the surrogate, and then after fertilization surrogate mother carries and delivers another couple’s baby. Basically, a partnership that makes parenthood possible.


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