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At Australian concept Lahore, we understand that your dream of parenthood is precious. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing you with the highest level of care and expertise throughout your fertility journey.

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Learn more from 1000s of our patient’s exciting success stories who received treatment at Australian Concept Infertility Medical Centre and realized the dream of becoming a parent with the blessings of Allah.

PGD Positive Patient After 7 Years of Sub-fertility at Australian Concept Karachi

ICSI Positive Patient After 11 Years of infertility at Australian Concept Karachi

ICSI Positive Patient After 7 Years of Sub-fertility at Australian Concept Karachi

FET Positive Patient After 12 Years of Sub-fertility at Australian Concept Karachi

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Personalised Care Tailored Just For You

At Australian Concept Karachi, we believe that your fertility journey deserves personalized attention. We understand that every individual and couple is unique, and that’s why we offer personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

Our journey together begins with a "Free Consultation." We recognise the significance of understanding each patient's unique situation.

During this consultation, our experienced medical team takes the time to listen to you, address your concerns, and develop a treatment plan that aligns with your goals.

We value your input and consider your preferences, medical history, and individual needs as we create a personalised roadmap to parenthood.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Free consultation is the first and most important step towards achieving your cherished dream of a healthy baby. When a couple first arrives at Australian Concept Lahore, they are welcomed by our courteous front desk staff and immediately given a one-page form to fill up their brief data like names/age/ address / contact numbers etc. Once the form is filled, our Australian Concept Lahore staff escorts them to one of the members of the Doctor’s Team for expert evaluation.
Australian Concept has a state-of-the-art laboratory that adheres to all international quality standards. We offer comprehensive infertility-related blood testing services at our clinics.
To diagnose Male infertility issue following tests are required Semen Analysis, Post Ejaculation Test, Hormonal Tests, Scrotal Ultrasound
For female partner following tests are required Hormonal Test (FSH, LH, Prolactin, AMH, TSH, T4), Transvaginal ultrasound (TVS), HSG (in case of Tube Blockage)

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